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    As a start up website you need to be money conscious and at the same time use a reliable web hosting service. There are some web hosting providers that you won't need to break the bank to purchase their plans; Hostwinds Bluehost Hostt Ipage Hostgator InMotion Fatcow A small orange 1&1
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    White label can go a long way to help if you are finding new ways to develop your large-scale agency, and also expand to serve your customers better. 1. Broaden your services; As a web developer adding white label hosting to the services you already render to your clients would be a plus...
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    MERITS Using e-commerce enables you to get across to a larger market because it stretches across different countries. Through analytics, you get to know more about the preferences of your customers, their most searched keywords and you work towards making improvements if any on your products...
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    You can register your domain through any accredited domain register, and your payment would vary depending on the registrar you choose. Steps for domain registration; Make your research and choose which web hosting service you want to use and make sure you check their payments and policies...
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    It is one of the most popular dedicated server providers in Europe and North America. They provide secure and powerful servers that would meet the need of any business. 1&1 have seven different types of server plans, which can support unlimited emails accounts, traffics and websites and also has...
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    Every website thrives on the amount of traffic that is being generated to it. Without an increase in traffic to your site, your site would never become a hit. There are several ways to improve your site's traffic. Forum Marketing; In plain words, all you have to do is spend your time answering...
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    This is one of the best ad networks to try out. To make advertisers take away their ad budgets from big industries and focus them on independent publishers is their main goal. According to recent research, publishers who use Sulvo from Adsense have an increase in their ad revenue from 25-250%...
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    This webmaster resource is an important one and should not be ignored. It creates a sitemap for your website. All you need to do is input the URL of your website on the and it automatically generates a sitemap for you which you have to later download the compressed sitemap.
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    This is a webmaster resource designed to help you create buttons with ease. Its work is a very simple but important one. With you modify the buttons for web materials which include 2D shapes, texture, deformation, and material shadow. The rest of the work would be executed by the...
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    An accredited domain registrar that offers a wide diversity of domains and gets you registered in as little time as possible. Namecheap is known for their top-notch and reliable service. It is a customer focused company. With Namecheap, you get to find a unique domain name that no one else can...
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    Zalando by revenue is the top 19th internet company. It is an European e-commerce company. It is a major online fashion medium. It was founded in 2008. One of the well-known facts about Zalando is their flexible delivery and also return policy. Throughout their existence, customers could always...
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    This is one of the easiest affiliate programs to join. With just a scroll down the home page, you would find an affiliate link and once clicked you would be redirected to fill the application form. With eBay, you can sell products which are no longer of use to you and you can sell new products...
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    ANGELFIRE is one of the free web hosting services that offer a free domain name rather than a subdomain to host your website. It is one of the oldest free web hosting services and it is the easiest to use because of its simplicity. A single website hosting on Angelfire is free and it has up...
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    This affiliate program has been voted as #1 for eight years. It has over 4000 sellers and 1billion users. It was first launched in 1997. It’s an online marketplace that allows marketers to sell their products in any way they want. The registration process is quite an easy one; apply then...
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    YOAST SEO This is one of the most friendly SEO tools. Yoast SEO is widely used among SEO bloggers and it’s easy to understand why it is a preference to many. Yoast SEO gives you the option of a paid version or free version. Don’t get worked up on the free version being a joke in comparison to...
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    Dedicated server also known as managed hosting service or dedicated hosting service is an internet hosting where clients sublet a whole server without allocating it to anyone else. You can find a dedicated server in data centers. A good dedicated server costs around $200-$1000 per month but if...