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This platform was created by bloggers so that’s a plus because they understand what exactly it entails and they have a vast knowledge on what do exactly in order to generate more traffic, have more clicks and generate more revenue. The process of registering with them is not a tedious one. Sign up and they would carefully scrutinize it and suggest what layout is best suited for your website. Once all this is done, when you are ready, their team would steadily optimize your ads according to your industry trends. You get paid in at least 45days after the month ends. To be considered by AdThrive you must make sure you aren’t blacklisted by Google, you don’t have any advertising infringement in the past, and all your traffics are mostly from the US. They offer two services AdThrive edge level, you get qualified for this when you have 100,000page views/month and AdThrive Premium, you get qualified when you have at least 750,000page views/month.