New member Inc is a multinational technology company. By measure and market capitalization it is the largest e-commerce marketplace. It was launched in 1994 July 5th by Jeff Bezos. Retailers and different individuals use Amazon as a medium to sell their products. Some large retailers even use Amazon as a platform to sell their products then customers clear and pay for the products on their own website. Amazon literally leases out space to retailers to sell their own products. Amazon has a section for small sellers of both brand new and used goods which are Amazon Auction, Amazon Marketplace, and Amazon zshops. At Amazon marketplace, products are sold at a fixed price. Amazon zshops just features goods at a non-negotiable price while Amazon Auction; people sell their products to the highest bidder.

Then there is Amazon channel, a channel where people sell new movies, books, and music from Amazon warehouse directly. Then there is Amazon Advantage, where people sell their own books or CDs and Amazon takes 55% commission per sale.

Amazon services is the most recent addition, here Amazon sells its platform to companies who want to revamp their e-commerce business and Amazon provides them with its own e-commerce package