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Re seller hosting is a type of web hosting which allows the account owner to host websites using bandwidth and assigned hard drive space representing third parties. The relationship that exists here can be likened to that of a wholesaler and retailer and like every business profit maximization is the aim. The re seller buys in wholesale the host’s services and sells them to the customer and after this is done a percentage of bandwidth and hard drive space is given to the account of the re seller. In reselling hosting there are two procedures either of which can be done. One involves the re seller sharing hosted services, in this scenario the re seller is given an allocated amount of bandwidth and hard drive space to sell to their customers. The other process involves the reselling renting a dedicated server from a hosting company.
In certain instances when web hosting entrepreneurs want to start up their own enterprises they make use of reselling hosting because most of its plans gives room for sellers to create and structure their own service plans.