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A free webmaster tool that helps you monitor all the actions going on in your website and providing you with insights on how to improve. Using the Google search console you can create a sitemap which after two days you would start receiving information about how many URLs that are indexed and also when your site is having issues or if you are been penalized by Google.

With Google search console you can minimize the 404 errors by checking them out and fixing them so your visitors don’t get directed to missing links. Google search console gives you reports on the on-site optimization of your website. If there are issues you receive the reports then you can click on the issues, identify the problems and resolve it.

Lastly, with Google search console, you get to know the exact keywords that increased your expressions and how often they lead to clicks and gives you insights on whether to create more contents around the click or if to improve the keywords if they aren’t creating the desired impressions.