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So many web hosting companies give their members the opportunity to resell their hosting to different customers and get a commission per sale. If you do not have the time, energy and money to have your own website and sell your products and services, then you should consider reseller hosting. Steps to follow;
1. Choose a web hosting company: When choosing a web hosting company make sure that they are reliable, experienced and trustworthy because you do not want to resell a hosting package that would ruin the reputation you are trying to build. Make sure it is the best so customers can continuously host their websites through you.\
2. Find the best hosting service: You need to diligently search for which reseller hosting service would benefit you more. Some offer their members 80-100% of each sale they
Starting a web host might seem like a very difficult task to do, but in the actual sense, you just need to take a leap and work towards everything falling into place. Web hosting companies provided dedicated servers to host website contents. There are some key factors that need to be put in place before you can be a web host.
1. State your brand: There are so many large web hosting companies out there, so you want to make sure that you focus on a particular niche at a time, don't start too many at a time, because you would end up not having an audience. Pick a small niche preferably Shared Hosting and start from there. After that choose a domain name that is short and easy to remember.
2. Ensure you have a Reliable Dedicated Server Partner: This is very crucial to the building of your web hosting, pick a dedicated server that offers quality services such as 24/7 dedicated server support should in case a network failure occurs, a dedicated server that has been used by many and recommended with plenty positive reviews, and a dedicated server that has security against attacks like DDoS. Picking a wrong dedicated server would ruin your web host as clients would not want their contents migrated.
3. Create your billing system, support channel and website: For your brand to be recognized, you would need to create the face of your website and also other billing systems before you can start selling. The most used and popular website hosting control panel is the cPanel/WHM, and it integrates with CloudLinux to separate customers. One of the most preferred billing systems is WHMCS because it handles customers queries due to its inbuilt support desk.
4. Search for clients: Once all is set, configured and tested, you can then begin to create awareness to find clients. This might be a hectic stage because few people would want to use a new web hosting provider, but do not relent. You can start with family and friends and as your audience grows bigger you can also opt for Google AdWords, Facebook ads, relevant magazines and so on to find customers.

make, so this is the kind of companies you should look for.
3. Purchase the hosting reseller package that is most suitable for you and pay for membership
4. Create your own website: Most hosting companies actually offer their members who want to resell their hosting plans templates so they can start working and earning right away.
5. Optimize your website: Search engine optimization, submitting your site to directories, advertising so that your site can be unique and stand out. And also so it can be visible and attract a bigger audience.