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You can register your domain through any accredited domain register, and your payment would vary depending on the registrar you choose. Steps for domain registration;
Make your research and choose which web hosting service you want to use and make sure you check their payments and policies.
Whichever web hosting service you have chosen should have an availability checker so you can input your desired domain name and know if it is taken or not.
Fill out the necessary details in the form provided, and you can set your details to private or public. The essence of this is so your information can be in the WHOIS database.
The prices of the domain names would be shown, and it varies depending on the registrar, and then you make payment. While in some cases you can get a domain name for free if you purchase a hosting package.
You can then link your domain and website together by going to the registrar setting of your domain and entering the name of your web host secondary and primary servers.
In a scenario where you don't have a website, you can park your domain using a website set up, which your domain registrar would handle on your behalf until you are ready