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The main focus of Mediavine is to offer full ad representation service. They have being in existence since 2004. They work directly with the advertisers thereby eliminating the middlemen. Mediavine helps you coordinate your ad server and also optimization of where your ad is being placed. With Mediavine you are most likely to get better deals because what they do is to group your site together with other sites under one package, and with this, you would have ads from amazing brands.

Mediavine provides you with your daily earnings, unlike some other networks that wait until month end, which so many users find appealing. Mediavine has an almost 24/7 support system which is more than fair because you don’t even have to wait a whole day before your queries and questions are being attended to by the support team. In addition to that, they have an active Facebook which you can get access to although it is for only publishers. The niches they most prefer are travel, crafts, parenting, lifestyle, finance, entertainment, DIY, food, fitness, and education.