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The strategies in Search Engine Optimization are the ON-PAGE SEO and OFF-PAGE SEO. These two are not in any way similar to each other but they are both very essential in a SEO campaign.
The ON-PAGE SEO focuses on the content of your website whereas, since the contents of your website determines how high your page is ranked then your On-page factor should be properly utilized. ON-PAGE SEO factors are things you have control of on your website, they include; Title tags, Headings, Page load speed, URL structure, Internal linking, Page content.
The OFF-PAGE SEO is more interested in your page’s popularity. “Domain Authority” calculates the popularity of your page and the authoritativeness in comparison to other website. The higher the number and quality of your backlink the more popular your website becomes. To generate more backlinks to your website you need to create intriguing contents that different websites would love to associate with.
The ON-PAGE and OFF-PAGE SEO go hand in hand to have a successful SEO website. However, more focus can be placed on the ON-PAGE factors than the OFF-PAGE factors.