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This is one of the best ad networks to try out. To make advertisers take away their ad budgets from big industries and focus them on independent publishers is their main goal. According to recent research, publishers who use Sulvo from Adsense have an increase in their ad revenue from 25-250% within hours. Sulvo makes use of price prediction algorithms by analyzing the value per impression to help publishers increase their CPM rate. Over the years Sulvo has been so confident about that service to the extent of them willing to offer $500 if you don’t see any increase in your ad revenue. To be eligible to register under them, you need to have 25MM page views/month, most of your traffic should be from North America and Western Europe and lastly, you must not have been banned from any ad network. Working with Sulvo guarantees you more ad revenue because you would most likely be promoting some of the world’s biggest brands on your site.