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Every website thrives on the amount of traffic that is being generated to it. Without an increase in traffic to your site, your site would never become a hit. There are several ways to improve your site's traffic.
Forum Marketing; In plain words, all you have to do is spend your time answering questions that relate to your expertise and industry, and by doing this there would be a continuous flow of traffic to your website. Just make sure that your forum marketing signature is clear enough to tell others about you.
Blog Commenting; It is in so many ways similar to forum marketing, the major difference is that you answer questions in an individual blog and not a forum. If you want to use Blog Commenting to boost your traffic the linkback is a smooth way to do that. You just have to post a link to your website after you make a comment, although most bloggers don't react well to this as they think you might want to syphon their traffic.