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There are two major types of SE0; the white hat SEO and the black hat SEO. As the name suggests it can be easy to understand which would be preferable by clients or companies. Here is a quick rundown;
White hat SEO- This is basically any process that involves improvement of your search engine rank in a SERP while still in adherence to the terms of the search engine. White hat SEO is a gradual process this is why in some cases few clients who are in a haste to build their brand do not opt for it. With white hat SEO quality content is guaranteed and optimization of your website is a must. White hat SEO techniques should be implemented because it is legit and saves you the stress of worrying about when your website might be banned by different search engines.
Black hat SEO- This refers to any practice that involves the violation of the search engine terms of service. Black hat SEO is a very risky and deceptive practice as the option of 100% functionality is not guaranteed and the percentage of being banned by Google is on the high side. Black hat SEO tweaks a search engine algorithms to get increased rankings for websites.