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An online list of websites is what is referred to as a webmaster directory. A web directory plays numerous functions which include adding entries about websites and also inputting links to those websites. Webmasters market their websites through article submission because it is a great way to create more backlinks and increase traffic. There are so may web directories where you can list your products to for free like; Go Search Directory, Add Good Site.com, MoreFunz the catalog, Networked Directory, Stare-at Directory, Reddit Directory.com, A1 SEO Directory, Jayde, PXDAJ Directory, Website Directory, Free Web Directory, All Sites Sorted, and the list of directory names is an endless one. There are varieties from which you can choose which best suits your site.
Likewise there being free web directories there are also directories who charge for submission of listing to them. Paid web directories ensure top quality and promotion. Botw.org, business.com, avivadirectory.com, stpt.com, findelio.com, skaffe.com are all paid web directories which you should consider submitting your sites to.